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My Journey to the Philippines

My trip to Manila

My travel this year, to Manila was really unforgettable one, because I was not alone,we were in group.

Just only imagine,travelling with your filipina bestfriends , and relatives, who are all living from the same place in Germany .Wow, that happen only very seldom.

Though we had the same date of arrival,we were not together in airplanes.The others have chosen the Emirates ,(about 650 Euro per person ), and they booked it already one year before.

My group,with ,my sister Cherryl (with family),Alicia and Mila have decided our flight at the last minutes,
in which , we flew to the Cathay Pacific (850 Euro per person ),so , was not able to go with them in one plane together.

My bestfriends and I had the same seat in Airplane ,so we talked there ,laughed and did not sleep at all , did not even notice the long hours of our journey.

We stopped in Hongkong,but, didnt have the time for window shopping, only 1 hour stay ,we had to go on walking to the next flight again,this time to the Philippines.

Aboard,were so many Pilipinos, Im sure, majority were all Balikbayans, going Home for eastern Holidays.

As soon as we landed to our land,we all clapped our hands, all happy to see our country again.

I Said :Manila here we are:

The personals in Airport welcomed us with smiles ,they were friendly and are always ready to help.

Im already tired with the long travel ,so,as somebody approached me,I said yes at once.He got a cart for me,and waited patiently till my heavy luggages in the carousel came.

I wanted to give him money,but,I was wondering that he refused it.I still insisted to give him chocolates, which I put at his jackets pocket.

Before going outside,we have changed our Euro to the Philippines Pesos.It was 1 to 66 at that time.We were happy (with the high rates ) and felt like rich .In Germany is 100 Euro nothing.

As soon as we were at the door outside,a beautiful Filipina woman in uniform, asked my friend Alicia(secretly ) if she can give her anything as pasalubong.(something from abroad ).

Well,my spendable friend , gave her 20 Euro.Wow!Thats a lot of money already for a filipino ,who did not help us at all.

Since we were in group,we got a van , which was also big enough to take our many luggages.

From Airport to our Hotel in Bayview,(about 8 kilometer ),we paid about 900 pesos, (about 20 US dollars )which was not so hurting (for us),since we all shared together,plus 200 pesos(4.50 US dollars ) tip .

We did not go directly to my province Pangasinan,because,we wanted to see first the nice places , as well as experience the day and night life in Manila !

By Eminga

Ill still write my stay in Manila!

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