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My Second Day in Manila (2006)

We woke up very early in the morning because we wanted to go around Manila on that day.But, we got so many phone calls from our family ,from my province in Pangasinan and in Germany,all wanted to know if we arrived safely and if everything is okey.Also from our male friends who were asking us, if we can meet us somewhere in Makati.

As we went downstair, for our breakfast,we have seen all our relatives and friends (my sister Tecia,my sister Veronica,sis Cherryl with family,my Niece Florence with family and our German Friends)all from Germany who sat together and were happily eating .

It was our first time to see them all there, since,we all have different directions of outings.Cherryl wanted more to make shopping and swimming in pool,the others liked to go to museums and the others preferred to take a walk in Baywalk, for seabreeze and see the views of the Shiffs there.You might not believe it,we separated us in going out of Manila, each with own choice of destinations.Mila , Alicia and I stayed together.

We changed our plan to go to Fort Santiago,instead,we went to Makati to meet our 2 male Friends there,Bong and Roy(the 2 engineers as well as managers who travel much in Europe,and never forget to visit us in my place here in Germany ).My friend Norma from care2,wrote me one time, to go to one of the church there ,in that morning , in that place.I thought of seeing her also there.

So we called a taxi but, asked first ,how much shall we pay from there to Makati.He said 300 pesos.(6 US dollars )Well,we were 3,so it was easy for us to pay.We said yes at once.

Uncle Lorenzo,the Taxi driver was coincidentally, come from my town Mangaldan,speak my native language and knew many of the people I know.

But,we did not tell him that we were Balikbayans(Filipinas from abroad ).He was very jolly and very smart to talk with,we felt at home with him at once and have liked him.Before going out,he showed us first the whole Makati, he know the place very well and explained us all the buildings there.

Makati is like Frankfurt,with tall buildings of International banks,offices,Foreign Embassies,fine restaurants,condominium and so on.We were not so much interested with this kind of place,such sightseeings there are enough to see in Germany.We wanted only to meet our Friends.

So we went outside the Taxi,and walked everywhere,but,did not find our meeting place.Because of our tour with Uncle Lorenzo,we came late and was not so familiar there.We asked the people there and called them at home,but,were not there anymore.We did not have mobile phone with us.

So we came back to the place where the Taxi brought us,and were surprised to see Uncle Lorenzo there, still waiting for us.He was very happy to see us again and offered us to drive us to any parts of Manila.

We told him to bring us to some of the best Hotels ,we wanted to get informations or see the rooms, for our next vacation in the Philippines.But,of course,we told him ,for our relatives living in Europe.

This Taxi driver drove us to a 5 or 6 star hotel.Well,the security Guards asked us, what we will do there.They dont just allow others go inside without reasons or anyone you know.Hope,they did not think us or see us ,as prostitutes.

Uncle Lorenzo told them that we 3 were looking for Americans to meet and marry.They looked inside and as they seen us,they just laughed.But,they opened the gate for us.

At the Hotel door ,stood again groups of men,elegant and some were in uniform, but,they just greeted us, looked friendly at us,but,didnt ask anymore.They just let us go inside.

We asked the price of the room and for one day ,is 135 US dollar .I think,for one or few days,we can still afford it,but,as we have seen that many of the Guests were in business clothes,with women who were wearing elegantly ,we thought ,of just rather stay where we are, in our Hotel.(only 51 Euro per day and can wear anything we like ).

We proceeded to the next place and decided to go to Baclaran,my favorite market before, as I was still in the Philippines.I was always there ,everytime I visit my Uncles in Manila, during our school holidays.

From the Hotel where we visited,to there,we paid again 300 Pesos (6 US dollars )for our taxi.(Only to know that it was expensive enough.).

The taxi driver told us , that he had noticed at once, that we are balikbayans,by the way we talk,by our actions,by the way we dress, but,how?.).Yet,the money we paid, was worth too,we really enjoyed riding in his taxi.

In baclaran were lots of clothes to buy,everything you want,or need,you can find there,you can buy there in wholesale price, a place ,mostly for filipinos who cant afford to shop in malls.

The first thing I bought was slipper,my feet was aching for my high heels.But, it was my fault,my favorite shoes from Germany,I left it there somewhere.

Mila and Alicia bought lots of Jeans, each of them ,about 10 ,each only 250 pesos(5 US dollars ),I bought curtains for my Bungalow in the Philippines and for our house in Germany.Also house decorations ,like plastic plants for inside.I did not buy clothes for me, because I have already enough to carry.

After shopping ,we got a taxi in going to our Hotel and was surprised to know how cheap we will pay.Only 2 US dollars.We gave the taxi driver another 2 US dollars .

We rested a little bit,and then, went outside again for our lunch.We have gone to the nearest Chowking (like fast foods ) and ate there Pancit(glass noodle) with Lumpia(springrolls with vegetables) and native cakes as our dessert.(including softdrink only 1.50 US dollars ).

After it,we went home to get somethings for us,for our next outing on that afternoon.But,guess, who were in Hotel waiting for us?Our Friends,from my hometown ,Pangasinan.

By Eminga

(To be continued)


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