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Travelling to my Hometown Amorbach/Miltenberg/Odenwald/Germany

Germany is a nice country to live in.Everywhere is clean,even the Forest,you can walk there without any fears.Very peaceful and the People are nice and helpful.But, living here is like living in a fast perfect World.You have to follow the rules and regulations, as well as the Laws or else…..youll have big troubles with people and the Authority.You have to be careful in everything you do,in order not to break it.And they have really disciplines.

I like the German Foods, like Sauerbraten with Nudel and Rotkraut,oder Sauerkraut with Kasseler and so on.Its my daily meals (German ), and is used to it.I only eat Philippines Food when Im with my Philippines Friends.

You can observe the people so serrious, because they work hard,and if they work,no play.For them is work is work.Play is play.But they have sense of humor,you can see it at their Fasching or Carnival time .( its just now, until this February )You can also feel and see how warm hearted they are,thats why during this time or ,after their parade,I sometimes go with my Friends in Restaurant, to meet them too,have fun with them , and enjoy drinking , dancing and singing with them.They are jolly and funny with their nice Carnival costumes.And they really laugh!I get also hugs and Kisses from Germans which I do not know.How nice!

Today is very cold,I walk daily in going to work.I have to wear a very thick Jacket to make me warm.Though, today, the Sun did shine the whole day.My flowers at my window began to bloom yesterday.Im happy,that means,my favorite season ,the Spring will soon come .Until now,Im not yet used to the changing Seasons here. Sometimes ,I feel sick and depressed ,especially in winter,when outside so many Snow and few people to see.I cant even go out .Its so cold . Im now delighted to see the Sun!

But, the best thing ,I like here is the natures.All is green.And how I love the Mountains ,as well as stroll in the Forest.Thanks God,we have Hut in the Wood, near it, to take a rest after doing a long walk there !

By Eminga

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