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Christmas Holiday in Amorbach/ Odenwald/Germany with Weihnachtsmarkt (Christmas Market )

Weihnachtsmarkt in Amorbach/Odenwald/Germany

I cant imagine a christmas in Germany,without Weihnachtsmarkt.(Christmas market ).I dont know, but, I always like to visit it.Not only here, but,also to other places.This weekend, is Christmas market in our Town,its just only at my door,I live in the middle.

I walked there with my Friend Mila,to see, and there,we saw some of German Friends whom we know, and they talked with us.I only see them in such Feasts like this.So many people, mostly from here.The Prominents,like our Mayor,the riches and the poor were there.But, as I looked around,we were again, the only blackhaired.

The Booths were all decorated with Christmas,and the whole streets with Laterns and Pine Trees.It was more wonderful at night through the colorful lights.

It was so cold outside,but, no snow, so we decided to drink Gl├╝hwein to warm us.The Lebkuchen in form of a Heart, I took it at home .

The Stadt Kappelle, played music, and by hearing it, and seeing the whole atmosphare here, I can really feel the spirit of Christmas.

The business Shops were all open,so I used the chance, to buy Christmas Gifts for my Loveones.I wrapped them at once.

At home, I could still hear,the Christmas song , and the noise of the People walking in the market.Its just only in our street.

Tomorrow, is the last day, and Santa Claus will come in the afternoon.Of course, the children will be very happy to see him again.He shares gifts to them.

But, I have to work.I cant see him.Yet, next weekend, I have dayoff,I go again to another Adventsmarkt,and there,I can see him surely!

Enjoy your Christmas Holiday in Germany !


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