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Preparing my Trip to my Hometown, Mangaldan,Pangasinan ,Philippines

Preparing my trip to the Philippines

The last consecutive years,I was in the Philippines, not only to relax or to have holiday , but, also to see my family,relatives,Friends,my Neighbors ,classmates and as well as to see my own Hometown again.I live in Luzon,the biggest Island, and thats in Pangasinan,about 250 km. from Manila.

Well,you might think, Im rich,Im not, I can only do it,if I see cheap Flight ticket from internet. and I dont stay in hotel,either I live from my parents house (i have still my own sleepingroom there ) or in our own house .If you work hard, its worth doing it.Having rest and live like a queen for little money(maids to do my household chores and going outings without thinking of any works ) is my only luxus!Its only once a year !

But,preparing a holiday for almost 4 weeks is stress.I have to start cleaning our whole House (we have old house with 240 sqm. ) 1 month before, day by day,iron all clothes,shopping for my relatives there and packing my things .Really stress !

For them,I bought 50 soaps,10 Perfumes,20 tube lotions,10 shampoos,20 lipsticks,10 nivia face creams and dolls for my little darlings.I will still buy coffee for my visitors to drink if they visit me .I can also buy there, but, we , Pilipinos are fond of imported products .I have already more than 50 kilos in my baggages, without having any clothes.Allowed is only 35 kl. plus 7 kl. hand luggage. I dont worry about clothes to wear,there are lots to buy and cheaper there.I want to make my relatives and family happy, so, I hope they will accept these all in airport.

Before going back home, I have to buy again something for my relatives ,Friends and workmates in Germany.Its again stress!

But, Im happy to give, and to see them all smiles, with all the little things, I give, is but, a thousand worth!

By Eminga

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