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My First Day in Manila (2006 )

My First Day in Manila (2006 )

So our Van service took us from Manila Airport to our Hotel in Bayview,,just in front of the US Embassy .It was only about 30 minutes drive.

So many Guests were at the counter,We were surprised to see some of the Germans ,who were with us in Frankfurt Airport.

Mila ,Alicia and I stayed there in the line longer,only to tell us that we are not booked at all.

We showed our bill and she read,but, looked in computer again,still doubting for our reservation.

We became impatient,we were already tired and Alicia was already getting angry,so,we told her that ,we will go to another Hotel,if theres no place for us.

At last,we got our room,but,I think the worst room from there.We passed to a narrow way,separated from the main way of the other Guests rooms, and there inside ,were one double bed and one clapp bed(with a thin matress.) at the middle.

We all three are working in the Home for the Old Ages,we dont want to hurt our back,so no one of us , like to sleep on that little bed.We complained.

After one hour,a hotelboy came and asked us,if we can transfer to another room,but,one double and single room.That means,we will separate each others.No,we preffered to just stay there.

There were bottles of water there,I opened one and drunk ,too late to see the price ,which was 10 times higher than in the market.

Though tired,we went outside to buy our drinks and carried it in our hotel.

After that,we called our friends and relatives at phone ,who are living in Manila,including my bestfriends Bong and Roy. (both natives of our town and were already several times in Germany) and invited them to come.

The others came at once, except the two men,who asked an appointment for us to meet them the next day.

Our hotelroom was full ,with lots of visitors. But,we were happy to see them .And yes,of course,we gave them pasalubong.

As they all gone,we went outside for our dinner.Food in Hotel was so expensive and aside from that,we wanted to see our favorite locals again.

We walked a little bit,along the mabini street and saw night clubs.I can still remember, that this street , was once or perhaps ,until now, famous for hot girls.(not sure ).

We wanted to avoid passing there,so we called a Taxi to bring us to the nearest restaurants or fast foods .

Jeepneys are lots in Manila, to ride,but,Taxi is not so expensive,we paid only 100 Pesos for it.(about 2 US dollars ).

He brought us to the Mall,about 3 kilometers from there,it is a big shopping center with restaurants ,internet caffees and so on.

We only looked,but,did not buy .We were tired and wanted to eat.We were hungry.

After eating,we came home ,to our Hotel,took a rest ,but,since we still talked longer,we slept late at that night.

It was Alicia, who slept at the clapp bed.We decided it, through playing with the coins,and she lost the game.

We slept well at that night.

By Eminga

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