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Pokhara’s version of paradise


In Pokhara the food is top quality and relatively cheap! A spotless, double sized room with a 24-hour hot shower at Hotel Grand Holiday is costing me next to nothing.  My days have been filled with exploration and my nights have been music.  Playing Rock Star in the evening and off-road motorcycle adventuring during the day is a pretty good life.

I have found the best band in town and have been playing with them a few times during the past week. It’s a good feeling to be back on stage again, especially with such excellent musicians. But I am getting addicted to the road! The scenery and challenging trails have made for such an enjoyable experience, that for the fourth day in a row I found my self on yet another motorcycle! This time, I pushed myself and the bike to its limits in order to test my skills.

One day, I headed out past Phewa-Tal lake into the marshland valley following the Harpan Khola River. It is a perilous course of the roughest dirt roads, crossing rivers and massive rock beds. The larger motorbike I had for they day failed my expectations on these loose trails and I had to let go at one point. The drop dented the body and ended up costing me a little coin to repair, but the lessons I’ve learned about handling and learning to match the vehicle with the terrain have been invaluable!

see all of my photos from the Harpan Khola River

So, life is treating me pretty well here and I’m not in too much of a hurry. However, if I want to see the Himalayas from within the Annapurna Sanctuary I need to start the week-long mountain hike before it grows too cold! To cap off the last day on a bike before heading into the mountains I followed the Baglung highway to Phedi, where I would start my trek in a couple days. When a long, smooth and open stretch of the highway lay before me I gunned the bike up to maximum speed and rode full force into the sunset! The loud wind rushing past my ears was nothing compared to the rush from the speed!

see all of my photos from the Baglung Highway


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4 responses to “Pokhara’s version of paradise”

  1. Greg says:

    Don’t get too cold my friend….London is FREEZING though!

  2. Amanda says:

    Glad to read you’re alive and well… really looking forward to the pictures and stories from your trek!

  3. joan says:

    Hey Hey Hey Bro!

    what’s up!

    I just arrive to India, I’m in Varanasi so, time to come here

    e-mail me if you come..

    best wishes and have a f.. X-mas


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