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Ambushed on a train…

Today is Saturday.  I got on a train on Thursday and I’m still on board now.  The trip from Nanjing to Chengdu takes almost two days.  It is the longest continuous stream of transport I’ve endured so far.  At least no hard seat is involved.  Rather, I’m comfortably residing on the bottom of a three-tiered hard-sleeper bunk compartment with my journal, a copy of ‘Memoirs of a Geisha’, deck of cards and the most excellent travel companion, Carrie.  

The only real difficulty I’ve faced was an unexpected ambush by a case of diarrhea.  It forced me into an arduous battle with another evil squat toilet.  This one apparently was seeking revenge for the defeat of its Japanese cousin, and must have trained hard to put up a challenge.  Hovering over a ‘wet’ floor, dodging flies and ignoring the putrid stench of stale lemonade and ripe brownies is bad enough, but the constant jolting and acceleration of the train caused a new set of trials to overcome.  In the end, I was able to walk away victorious again; my clothes unsoiled, the contents of my pockets still in place and no slips or falls into certain doom.

Evil Squat Toilets = 0.  Adam = 2!

Now I must train harder as well, for in the next couple months I will be entering the domain of the big boss himself: India!

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-9 responses to “Ambushed on a train…”

  1. Amanda says:

    Ha! Tibet and Nepal will be a good warm-up for India… not a lot of 5 star toilets in either place:-) Have you made it outside of Lhasa yet?! I’m blind with jealousy. Tibet and then trekking in Nepal. Beautiful.

  2. rICK says:

    Great….very well done GlassHoppa

  3. george says:

    the photoset from xidi is my all time favorite so far.
    cant wait to see india! my new restaurant is opening at the end of this month, it will be called bindi and the food is coming out amazing. to think six months ago i didnt know a thing about indian cuisine. anyway all rambling aside. hope you are brotha!

  4. Billy Baseball says:


    Your dad insisted I read this particular post and I’m glad I did. It was everything he promised. Lots of memorable events, both visual and olfactorial (that’s nose, not ears, right?). Glad to hear you’re keeping your nose (and your pants) clean. Wouldn’t want to place a “smear” on the Schaeckenbach” name, would we?

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