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The Big Day

Friday, June 29th, 2007



After a year of planning and preparing, the big wedding day has come and gone. It was 5 days of non stop entertainment all located at the Marbella Suites in cabo san Lucas, Mexico. We really want to thank everyone who made the trip and hope you had as much fun as we did. We couldnt have asked for a better way to start our lives together. Standing on the beach at sunset with your 50 closest friends and family saying “I do” to the one I love was something I will never forget and always cherish. The memories and great comedy were amazing.

After 5 trips to the airport and a lot of goodbyes, christy and I have once again put the truck back in “camping mode” and will be heading off for the east cape of baja tomorrow. We’ll spend a few days surfing and fishing before we start heading back north to California and points further on.

Some things DO stay the same

Monday, June 18th, 2007


We left on this trip with a guidebook that I had from when I drove down to cabo in 1991, and it was 5 years old back then. 20 years after the book was published it was still “spot on” the entire way. We were amazed how little has changed in twenty years. There are areas that have seen tremendous growth, i.e Loreto, La Paz and Los Cabos, but 90% of the entire pennisula is still as it was last time I drove down.

After Bahia de Los angeles we headed for Bahia De Conception. We found our perfect camping spot on a sand spit that connected to a little island. Christy loves hot weather and boy did she get her fill. Our two days were spent fishing, snorkling and hiding from the noon day sun. Luckily we had a little thatched hut to hide under during the hot part of the day. We met a local who came by to our campsite and told us that this heat is nothing, he said “come back in August amigo and you can really experience some sea of cortez heat.” No thanks, this is hot enough for us.”

With food supplies low, I told christy our goal for the day was to catch our dinner. since I dont know how to prepare cooked seagull, we thought it would be best to stick to fish and shellfish.  We started off at 6am hiking to the other side of the island to fish. We were able to catch a few bass but not enough for a good meal. Next on the agenda, dive for clams or anything else edible in these waters. We  threw on the mask, fins and dive knife and snorkled around the island diving in and out of the rocks pulling up a huge assortment of clams. After filling the mesh bag we came back to shore to begin the long process of breaking open all these shellfish with a rock and cutting out the meat. Being the prudent person that I am, I thought it a good idea to ask the local fisherman if these were edible or if we would be in a world of hurt after eating these shellfish. He said we had cholo clams and they were good eatin. We hoped he wasnt playing a cruel gringo joke on us and decided to proceed forward with our meal.  I could tell on christys face she was thinking “theres no  way in hell im eating those alien looking things” But after a little spices some bread crumbs and a nice saute with olive oil, it was a tasty meal and a perfect end to a great day.


Our Baja Adventure Begins

Monday, June 18th, 2007
IMG_0263.jpgIMG_0256.jpgIMG_0248.jpgIMG_0212.jpg  Our first night we camped along the Pacific ... [Continue reading this entry]

The Final Week Before The Adventure Begins

Monday, June 4th, 2007
The truck is packed up, the apartment is full of boxes and were itching to get this adventure started. Its been a crazy two weeks trying to plan a wedding, move out of the ol' apartment, pack for the Baja ... [Continue reading this entry]