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Not all who wander are lost………..

Wednesday, April 18th, 2007

IMG_0180.jpg“I wish we would have traveled more before we had kids.” -something many of us have heard, or maybe even have said. Christy and I have certainly heard this many times and have decided that since there is no time like the present, we will be taking a year off of work to travel throughout the western United States and abroad as our “honeymoon.”

Our adventure will begin on June 10th as we load up the trusty Toyota Tacoma and start our drive from Orange County down the Baja Peninsula to San Jose Del Cabo for the wedding. After the festivities, we’ll slowly make our way back up the Baja Peninsula, camping on the many beautiful beaches along the way. Once back in California, we’ll pick up our dogs Harley and Scout and continue our driving journey to The Rockies and the pacific northwest for more camping, hiking and sightseeing. We’ll then end our U.S. tour back in California where we will drop off the dogs and head for Europe! Our first planned stop will be Iceland, followed by Ireland, England, Croatia and Italy. From there, we will fly to the beautiful continent of Africa to visit Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda. A definite highlight will be climbing the infamous Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. This will be a 7 day hike, ending at 19,000 feet. Some say that you are so high you can see the curvature of the Earth! After this awesome climb, we will be joining the Masai Mari tribe for an 8 day safari, checking out the animals and camping with the tribe. For the third leg of our trip, we will head to Thailand, Cambodia, Laos. Last, but certainly not least will be a visit to New Zealand. Our plans are written in “sand” and will most likely change a little along the way, so to help you all keep in touch with us.