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Fried Bat, A Laos specialty


The Gourmet eating continued today as I strolled through one of the local markets early this morning. I woke up early and not wanting to wake Christy up I thought Id go for a jog which ended up at a local market. There were all kinds of fruits, vegatables, every part of the cow and then a gourmet specialty section. This included, fried bat, fried rats (thats not a typo, FRIED RATS), dead bat that hadnt been fried and some other bugs of unknown origin. I wasnt planning on buyng anything but then another tourist who was there had just bought a bag of fried bats and was asking them if he needed to dip them in a sauce or just go at it. Through hand jestures the lady told him you just rip into the bat and eat it. The guy offered me some so I couldnt refuse an offer to eat bat. Its not very often you can get good bat these days. I have to say that it really did just taste like chicken. A little gamey but not too bad. I think I will pass on the fried rat though, thats just over the line. Also, coagulated cow blood is a big seller here as well, not sure if I’ll be touching that as well. I think its safe to say that Christy will be having no part in trying any bat or rats.


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  1. patatoe head says:

    eeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwww poor lil bats yal shood b ashemed ew

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