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UPDATE…. Finally

Thursday, January 17th, 2008


Weve been really busy in Southeast asia and are just now gettign to updating the blog. I just finished putting up pictures of our christmas in Kenya and our travels in Malaysia and the beaches in Thailand. We have free internet access here at our place in Chang Mai so were going to get all our travel stories updated in the coming days. Check out the pics at

One month down

Monday, October 15th, 2007

We survived our first month of international travel. A lot of times your first month is the toughest because you’re getting used to all kinds of new things. For instance, wearing essentially the same clothes day in and day out. We have basically 2 pairs of warm weather clothes. One pair you wash in the sink and let dry, the other pair you wear. It kind of feels like we have military uniforms, as can be seen from our pictures. Its tough to differentiate the days since we have the same thing on everyday. It is however clean clothes we have on, I can assure you. We did get to use a washer and dryer once in Ireland and in about a week there is word that the place were staying in Croatia has free use of washer and dryer.

Sleeping and hotels:

Wev’e run the gammit on this one, from staying in hostels in a room with bunk bed, trying to sleep with 10 of your “closest friends” to staying in a beautiful 300 year old cottage right on the ocean. Our biggest challenge was getting through Western Europe without blowing the whole years budget. Western Europe is crazy expensive and the dollar being in the absolute pits didn’t help at all. Thank God we had 2 home exchanges which saved us and now that were in Eastern Europe prices have come down by almost half. Since we arrived in Eastern Europe, we’ve been staying in pensions where we get a nice room and usually have to share a bathroom with a couple other rooms. We do have a couple of good stories come out of staying in hostesl. In Galway, Ireland we stayed in a nice hostel where we only had to share the room with 2 other people. One just happen to be a really cool Irishman who lived 20 miles out of town and was staying in the hostel because…well the Irish like to drink and he knew he wouldn’t be able to drive home after a long night of partying. Well this guy came in at around 3 am, passed out and snored so loud it shook the beds. Christy and I just looked at each other in amazement and put in our ear plugs, which usually drown out almost all noises, except it didn’t drown out this guys snoring. The poor other guy in the room didn’t have earplugs at all so we got to hear him cursing in some foreign language and trying to stick toilet paper in his ears. So, we didn’t get much sleep than night and ended up booked a bed and breakfast for the next night so we could get out of that place. Oh, the joys of traveling.