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Taipei pt2

Taipei is cool. It’s a huge city, but it doesn’t feel that huge. At least not like Tokyo or Seoul. There’s mountains within reach of the metro here, and the metro is one of the best I’ve used. One of the best things here is the night markets, there’s a lot in Taipei, all offering a plethora of shops and all sorts of food, street vendors and restaurants. Walking through these markets is really an experience.

shilin night market

I went to the North edge of the city and did a little hiking in the jungle. Unfortunately it took me a while (in the heat of the day) to find the trail and after a little ways it seemed to end at a road and I couldn’t find the rest of the trail though I was sure it existed. So I turned around and went back to the train station, I did see several different butterflies (apparently there’s 400 varieties here), star fruit growing on trees by the trail and the sounds are really cool in there…

jungle hike

I’ve been here for 4 nights, explored most of the main areas of the city, hiked a little and eaten quite a few of the popular foods at the night markets. I also found a belgian beer bar in the night market close to my hostel where I spent some time, and money a couple nights indulging my desire for real beer which has been sorely lacking on this trip.

A few other things about Taipei. It is the most wired place I have ever seen. Wireless internet is everywhere, the have it at all the metro stations and many restaurants offer it for free. The metro itself is one of the easiest and most efficient systems I’ve used: Clean, cheap, air conditioned and on time! The only downside here is during the heat of the day, 12-3, the heat + humidity is quite intense. I’m hoping the mountains are a little cooler.

But overall I’ve really enjoyed my time in Taipei, the people are friendly, a fare few of them speak English, the food is good, and just walking around the city is fun. Especially the popular districts. Next I’m off to explore the rest of Taiwan, 6 more days here isn’t sounding like much but I’m going to see as much as I can…


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