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Last day in Asia, onto New Zealand

I spent my last day in Hong Kong delving deeper into Kowloon, ate at some small Chinese places and even got a haircut from a corner hair shop.  Made me feel like I was in Asia again after the time spent on Hong Kong island with all the non asians…   Went to a sushi train place for dinner which made me miss Japan.   I had some Dim sum at the airport while waiting for my flight to Auckland the next morning, the sharks fin & shrimp steamed dumplings were particularly good.  Then I got some free inflight shopping vouchers just for saying I would take the next flight even though I didn’t have to in the end due to a passenger not showing up, I took use of the vouchers and bought some memory cards for photos since my supply is quite depleted.

I had an exit row on the flight so leg room to spare, no sleep however due to the combination of the timing of the flight and passenger noise.  I have now been awake for about 30 hours straight, spending the whole day here in Auckland walking around in the gorgeous weather here today, eating food with a knife and fork and getting aquainted with New Zealand.

More on that in the next entry….

Now the bad news is that my laptop charger which has been unreliable so far permanantly broke, so right now I have no way to power my laptop rendering it useless until I get this problem solved so I won’t be uploading many pics for a while.

Me on my last night in Hong Kong:


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