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My overnight 11 hour bus ride to Córdoba was not as luxurious as I was expecting, I elected to go with the semi-cama class instead of the full cama class due to the price so I wasn’t expecting a near horizontal recline but based on what I’d read and heard I thought this class would be nicer. The seats weren’t particularly comfortable, no more so than buses I’ve taken other places before. The seat did recline farther than any night bus I’ve taken before though, I managed to get some sleep. Unfortunately the state of my budget means I wont be upgrading to cama class on this trip with the price for that going up 50% over semi-cama.

That’s enough on the bus though. I arrived in Córdoba at 8AM and was met by my couchsurfing host soon after at the station. This was the first place in South America that I had gotten a positive response on couchsurfing, though I’d been trying for everywhere I’ve been the last 2 weeks.
We walked around central Córdoba in the afternoon, but since it was Sunday almost everything was closed so it wasn’t particularly interesting. In the evening we went to a nearby art street market, on a road lined with small shops, bars and cafes, people everywhere and a band playing in the road.

Monday I headed into town, to see what it was like when it didn’t resemble a ghost town. Much better. The city is full of churches, all of which are old and spanning several different building styles. There’s some other grand buildings in the centre as well, though not nearly as many as Buenos Aires.

central cordoba

the cathedral

That night we had a asado at my hosts place, a variety of great meat. Delicious, and the prices of the meat at the supermarket are unbelievably low. My last day there (which was the coldest day of the year so far here, -2C overnight) we went North by bus to the nearby town of Jesus Maria, where my host was from. It’s a pleasant small town, home to a good sized Italian colony. You can also see some hills on the edge of town, the first sort of geography I’ve seen down here, though that will change dramatically when I wake up from my next night bus, to Mendoza, in the centre of wine country and on the edge of the Andes.


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