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Southern Cambodia

kompot.jpgAfter leaving Phnom Phen, we spent a few days in Kompot, a small regional capitol in the south of Cambodia. On our first day, I rented a morotbike and we weaved our way to Kep, a nearby town that is mostly bombed-out remains of French colonial villas. A couple of days later, we took the motorbike down some back roads that were mostly washed out from recent rains and found our way to a wat built inside a cave some 800 years ago. The stalactites in the cave are encroaching the temple.

Some local kids followed us in and were quite fascinated by the amount of sweat coming out of my arms – that and the long blond hair on my arms.

In between the 2 bike trips, we spent the day at Bokor National Park which has the shells of French/Cambodian resort and Casino that was destroyed in the war between the Khmer Rouge and Vietnam.

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