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Otres Beach, Cambodia

otres.jpg‘Squeezing it all in’ is a reality – So much to do , so little time. Sometimes there’s simply not enough time to really enjoy one place. We found this gem of a resort about 15 kms out of Sihanoukville, but only had one night to savor the spot. Star Bar Bungalows set us back $8 for the night – there were just 2 other people at the place and we had the entire beach to ourselves that night.

I suspect that in a year or two, this place will be very crowded. For now, because it is a bit out of town and the road to it is in bad shape, it is a find.

Frog Blog Update

Went to use the facilities at our room here – and discovered (in time) a frog had taken up residence in the commode.. Lucky for Jim that Jan found the frog removal device and goosed the hopper right along his way.

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