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Goodnews Bay

approach.jpg Broke again.  Home remodeling does drain the bank account.  Oh, well.  Time to go back to work. This time I have 3-month gig teaching in Goodnews Bay a remote Yup’ik Eskimo village in Western Alaska.  I’m filling in for a teacher who has some medical issues and needs to be near a hospital.

gnb.jpg So far, so good.  The village is in a gorgeous setting between two rivers with mountain chains to the north and the south.  Of course, there are no roads here – access only by small plane.  I have a class of six fourth-graders and each one of them is happy, eager to learn and well-behaved.

gnbgirls.jpg My timing has been good.  After a week of classes, it’s spring break for a week. Of course, it’s not quite spring and since it has been below 0F with tremendous winds, it is really just a late-winter break.  But no matter, I’ve got free time and there are mountains and valleys to explore.  A couple of the teachers have sled dogs, so I hope to get some mushing in.  Maybe I’ll go ice fishing, and if I’m lucky, I’ll go caribou hunting.

In the meanwhile, there are some tremendous hikes.  Today I did a U-shaped route up a ridge behind the school and followed it up and around, down a valley, and then back up to another ridge top, down again through the village and home again.

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  1. tijen Says:

    I can’t believe I haven’t seen snow this year! I was in SE Asia at the coldest time of the year (but it never gets too cold where I live anyways). Hello from summery Antalya!

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