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It Blows Here In Barrow

Monday, August 27th, 2007

…but more about that later.


My home for the next month is an apartment on the corner of Ogrook and Kongasak and the Arctic Ocean is just 3 blocks away. The school district recently acquired this 3 unit building to provide temporary housing for itinerant and long-term substitute teachers like me and right now, I am the only tenant. It’s funky, of course, and seems as if it was designed as it was being built as there’s a support post outside my bedroom door, there are 2 utility rooms, and there’s no place for a dining table. I do have a big refrigerator, but it wouldn’t fit in the kitchen, so they put it in the entry room some 20 feet from the stove and counter top. The apartment wasn’t quite clean when I moved in, but Cassie, the district’s Special Services Director, took me to the store and we loaded up on implements of muck destruction, which then gave me a purpose for the next day and a half until I had to report to school. In the purifying process, I discovered a woman’s extra-extra large bikini panty in the washing machine and paused for a minute wondering if I should decorate the wall with it or to use it for some future practical joke. My friend Dan may come up to do some sub-teaching and it would be great fun to sneak it in his luggage when he goes back home. Hey Buddy, explain that to Donna! The indecision decision had it tossed in the trash, however. [read on]

Get a Job!

Monday, August 27th, 2007

Well, after a year living fancy-free, it’s time for yours truly to replenish the bank account. Since I don’t really have any skills that might pay what I think I deserve, I’ve decided to resurrect my teaching career and take a long-term substitute teaching position up in Alaska’s North Slope. For one month, I will be a special-ed teacher at a junior high in Barrow, the most northern community in North America. Then I will be assigned to take on special-ed duties in Wainwright, a small village some 75 miles down the coast. Both communities are mostly Inupiaq Eskimos. Wainwright is a subsistence village relying on whaling, and hunting seals, walrus, and caribou for food. Both towns are along the Arctic Ocean. And while this place is technically in America, bush Alaska ain’t like no place else in the states.

So the next few blog entries will give me something to do in the evenings as the long summer days quickly become dark winter nights.