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Angkor Wat

aw.jpgWe arrived in Siem Riep a few of days ago and have been spending a bit of time at Angkor Wat and some other nearby temples.

All of the ruins are quite outstanding of course, but I think this will be one of many travel experiences that produce photos more impressive than the actual sense I had when there. When taking pictures there’s an effort to frame a shot and exclude the distracting bits (the hordes of other tourists, the noise of the masses, the hawkers, and etc.). The sticky heat and the burn from the sun is not part of the images that are captured in the photo…

We came across a couple groups of muscians on the paths between wats. These men are all amputees – victims of landmines that still plague the country-side here. Often the victims are kids. A sad legacy of Pol Pot and the CIA. The fighting has been over here for several years – but the land-mines remain. It’s nothing short of a war-crime.

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