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June 7th, 2008 – Shimla, India

I awoke at 7am and started to get ready for whitewater rafting or at least I thought.  From the bathroom I hear the phone ring and Cait get up to answer it.  30 seconds later she informs me through a shout that rafting was cancelled due to bad weather.  I was pissed since I had gotten up real early in anticipation of an 8am departure for the rafting and hiking trip.  Cait was lucky to be able to fall back asleep but I had already had my morning bathroom engagement and was awake.  I decided to put on a movie from my little movie player and try and enjoy the Saturday morning.

Today really wasn’t all that exciting as I basically bummed around for most of the day until 2pm when Cait and I went to the internet cafe, from there I went to a local restaurant to do some reading which I accomplished.  In the evening I just vegged out and took it easy.  This was my first weekend with school and I wanted it to be enjoyable, also the rain and bad weather didn’t make the decision that hard either.


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