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June 6th, 2008 – Shimla, India

At 2:30PM today I have arranged to meet my local friends.  They arranged a car to take me and whoever I bring to a city near Shimla called Kurfi.  Apparently they had some nice scenic spots to hang out and whatnot.  So after class I spent some time trying to recruit people to come with me.  We had room for 8 so I had to get at least two more people to come with me.  I asked Sarah but she said she wanted to head up to the Monkey Temple.  I then asked Caitlin who said she would come if I could find another girl to go with her.  Finally after asking quite a few I asked Pooja who the night before said she was interested in coming with.  She was a little nervous to meet this guys, but Cait reassured her that they were cool and not going to take us in to the woods chop us up and bury us.


After my stint at the internet café, which has become a daily activity after classes, I realized I didn’t have my cell phone on me, so I hustled back to the hotel to get it and then Cait, Pooja and I walked to the elevator that would take us down to the lower area of Shimla where cars are allowed.  This was the same road that I walked down to and walked up to the hotel from several days earlier.  We met the guys down at the bottom and loaded up the big jeep.  Apparently I thought that Kurfi was 5 kilometers away but as it turned out it was about 17 km away which would take about an hour, since it is one lane roads, moving slow up and around the mountains, which are the Himalayas.


We stopped to pick up some water, soft drinks and whiskey.  These guys love their whiskey and it is local so it is cheap and not bad.  After a while in the car we stopped at a place passed the touristy part of Kurfi.  We hiked up the mountain through an old rusty gate, and found a nice place to sit and chill out.  We filled our glasses, I used my portable 3 oz cup that I schlepped with me on my travels and it was cool to use it.  For the next two hours of so we just chit chatted took some photos, played some music and chilled out.  It was an awesome time, but eventually we all got really hungry and we were out of whiskey, oh no!  We got back in to the jeep and told the driver that we wanted to get some snacks and more whiskey!  He stopped on the way to another place close to Shimla called Helipad.  It was just another really nice scenic spot where we could snap some photos and chill out in the woods to drink a little more whiskey.  I got some calls from Mom, Dad, and Jenny separately on skype which was nice and I called my friend Setton to check up on the big guy.


Eventually the driver of the jeep was getting antsy and wanted to take us back to Shimla, which was no problem.  He dropped us off at the bottom of the ridge which meant we had to walk all the way up.  Now when I say this walked was long and steep just remember I took an elevator to get down that I had to pay for!  It was a long and awful walk, but I knew once I got to the top I could get my long awaited Dominos!  How I had craved pizza since I left New York and what better pizza to get in India then hot, steamy and awesome pizza that is Dominos.  I find it absolutely hilarious that in all places to have Dominos, a hilltop station that is Shimla, India would have one! 


Once Cait got the top we ordered two large pies with extra cheese and garlic cheesy bread.  It was awesome and we took one pie back to the hotel, put on Superbad a very funny and relatively new comedy and went to sleep.  The perfect end to another classic “Josh day” traveling.


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