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Josh’s European Adventure: Day 19 – Prague, Czech Republic to Berlin, Germany

We had to leave the house by 930AM even though our train wasn’t supposed to leave untill 1030AM because that is when David’s dad could take us to the train station.  I quickly went upstairs to pack up my stuff and get down for a quick bite to eat.  We then said our final goodbyes took some photos and then crammed all of our stuff into their tiny car that they use when they drive around Prague.  The ride to the train station was short and when we arrived we both thanked David’s father and then went into the train station.  When we arrived at the train station we quickly realized that our train was 30 minutes delayed.  Linda could not understand how trains could be late 30 minutes.  She understood 5 minutes here or there, but 30 was like unheard of.  I told her that she wasn’t in Switzerland and things worked differently here.

To calm her down because she was cold (and gets cranky when cold), we walked to McDonald’s to stay warm and wait.  At around 1030AM we walked back to the station and now saw that the train would be 40 minutes late.  At that same moment I noticed a guy we had met at the Led Zeppelin concert a few days ago.  He was a student from Germany and a nice guy.  We said hello and started chatting.  At one point we bet how long the train would be delayed because as it turned out he was taking the same train we were for the first 2 hours.  The train to Berlin from Prague was supposed to take between 4.5 and 5 hours, not bad as I really enjoy train rides during the day where you can see some of the country pass you by.

I guessed 70-80 minutes late he said 40. I’m glad I was wrong.  The train would end up being 40 minutes late or so.  Before the train arrived I had loads of Czech Krona left so I decided to spend what was worth 25-30 euros on souvenirs from the shop at the train station.  I hadn’t bought much the whole trip and wanted to spend a little cash.  I ended up buying get chatchkas  to either give to people back home or keep for myself.

When the train was called the three of us rush on to the train to try and secure a berth for ourselves.  We were successful and the three of us sat in a very comfortable 6 person berth with a big window.  For the first hour or more we chatted and I worked on my blog.   I was a little behind and needed to catch up.  I hadn’t posted in a few days and I knew people back home were probably getting a little antsy.  After Michael got off the train for another train it was Linda and I.  We relaxed, ate some of the food David prepared for us and listened to some music.  With about 2 hours left I taught Linda how to play 7 card gin.  That killed basically the rest of the time on the train and before we knew it we were at the brand new Berlin central train station (not called that but these German names are impossible to spell!).

From there we took several trains and ended up at Rosenthal Platz.  Once upstairs our hostel was right across the street (crossed two tram tracks in the process).  I was relived when Linda said that our hostel was right across the street as my back and body was hurting from carrying all of my crap.  I yet again have brought way to much stuff with me, I am not sure when I learn to pack lighter, maybe on my next adventure.

Once we were all checked in the both of us relaxed a bit, went on the computer to check some things, and then it was off to explore some of Berlin.  Linda took  me to this really cool dive bar that was downstairs.  Inside was a really creepy bartender who almost choked to death when we lighted up some Cuban cigars.  I mean it was funny because the guy looked like he had smoked for 30 years but in German he told Linda that he could not breath around cigar smoke.  We obliged his request to end the cigars and saved them for later.

After three drinks each it was time for dinner.  Linda made a reservation at this Indian place she has been too before.  When we arrived it looked quite good.  I actually ordered and spoke to the waiter in Hindi!  I still got it!  Unfortunately though dinner would not be very long.  After eating so much in Prague with David and his family both of us were not that hungry, both of us had suffered from Big Eye Syndrome which is very common once alcohol is consumed.

I then politely called the waiter over and in Hindi asked if he could pack up our dinners to go.  Linda was astonished that I would even consider asking for the food to be packed up.  She claims that it is unheard of in Europe.  I explained to her that it was quite common in the USA and that in no way did I feel awkward asking them to do it for us.

From dinner both of us were absolutely destroyed from the long day and wanted to go to sleep.  We took the trains back home and went to bed before 1030PM.  An early night was exactly what we both needed to be fresh for Berlin.


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