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Josh’s European Adventure: Day 20 – Berlin, Germany

I was woken up by another person in the room who was coughing constantly all during the early morning.  Eventually I was fed up with it, took my computer and left the room.  It was driving me nuts.  I took a shower and when I came back into the room Linda was awake and got ready to leave for the day.  We started out with a nice long walk around Berlin.  Since this was Linda’s 8th time to Berlin she was practically local and coupled with the fact that she is an extremely avid and passionate Contemporary History major at the University of Fribourg in Switzerland (Justice Scalia studied abroad here will at Georgetown University during his undergraduate days before Harvard Law School) I knew I would be in for a treat during my rather brief stay in Berlin.

All the stuff we did:  Basically I saw a lot of cool stuff with Linda.  She showed me so much of the city and was kind enough to write it all down, unfortunately the paper she gave me was lost in the shuffle of getting back to NY, so here is what I can remember:
Brandenberg Gate
Alexander Platz
Humboldt University
Famous TV Tower
Museum Island
World War Memorial
Potsdamer Platz
KaDeWe – largest department store in Europe.  Here is where I had the most expensive lunch of my life (it was 27 Euros!).
Holocaust Memorial near Potsdamer Platz
Several other nice squares and buildings all by walking.  We did take the train a few places.

When we got back to the hostel we were both tired.  We had walked and walked and then walked some more.  I was also stuffed after my really damn expensive lunch, but hey it had a great view!  We relaxed for a few hours and then we were off again.  This time it was to the movies.  Everyone knows I love to see movies when I’m traveling, I find it fun and a nice way to relax while on the road.  Tonight at the theater happened to be Family Day so movies were 5 Euros all day.  But as it turned out there was a slight catch:  if you wanted to sit farther away and with better seats you had to pay a 1 Euro 50 cent surcharge.  Linda and I agreed to pay it and got great seats.  The theater was big, the screen was even bigger and the seats were very comfy.  Before the movie began we went to buy some sodas.  Linda ordered us two mediums and when the lady brought them over to us I was like “you have to be kidding me?”  These sodas were huge.  I even took a photo holding them both because of how big they were.  Once we got our sodas I wanted an alcoholic beverage.  Great thing about seeing a movie in Europe and other countries and continents is that often times alcohol is served like any other item at the theater.  Berlin was no different.  After my double of Jack on the rocks it was time for the movie to start.  The movie we chose was “Seven Pounds,” staring Will Smith.  In the end I actually enjoyed the movie but I do have a concern for Will Smith and the direction he is taking his acting.  His last few movies have been a far cry from his first several huge blockbusters.  These are more serious and the main character (usually Will Smith) has been dark, depressed or angry inside.  I guess he likes this better than comedy and maybe it is more challenging and fulfilling.  Anyway it was certainly a tough movie to follow and one with which you must be very patient when watching.  I could see that Linda was having a tough time following but she managed to stick it out and figure it all out in the end.

After the movie we decided to head to a very interesting area of Berlin, one which had loads of cafes and bars.  The area is called Hackersher Markt.  Once we got off the train we managed to find this Tapas bar.  We sat down ordered some Tapas and white wine and had a really nice evening.  I think this was our first real bonding experience one which I hope will solidify our friendship forever.

Once the tapas bar closed we decided to head back to the hostel for a nightcap at the bar downstairs.  Here we used our buy 1 get 1 free beer coupon which was given to us when we checked in.  After having a few sips of the .5 litre glass of Becks, I decided that I did not like it.  Linda insisted that I finish it and had the bartender throw some Sprite into the glass with the beer.  Yes it is a girly thing to do but it tastes better so why  not?  You didn’t see me doing that with all the Czech beer I drank now did you!

Down in the bar we met a very nice guy from Townsville, Australia which is about 5 minutes from the middle of nowhere on the northeast coast in Queensland.  I had visited there once and it was on a Sunday, nothing was open and the next morning I left very quickly for beautiful Magnetic Island.  I reminisced briefly with the dude about my time in Australia, he shared his current travels with us; where he had gone, what he had done and where he was going.  Typical backpacker talk over a beer or 3.

All in all the night was a lot of fun.  We got to bed a little late but nothing crazy.  I certainly got home later when I go out in New York City back home!


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