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The Long & Winding Road

Thursday, September 20th, 2007

September 19th:

Long trip today – covered 350 miles from Cleveland to Chicago. It wasn’t actually as bad as I thought – the roads are very easy to use, truck drivers actually get out of your way and there’s so much to see. Ohio was a surprise – it’s so flat with not too many trees – it seems like the sky goes on forever. Little Fisher Price farmhouses are dotted all over the place and they all look so picturesque. Fuel is also sooo cheap – I can do just over 100 miles for $10 – not bad.

Took a break at a Walmart Supercentre. OMG you can buy everything from Cheese that helps with bloatedness (this made O and I break out in fits of laughter) to guns. I wonder how many Tesco Clubcard vouchers I would need?? Our accent is conspicuos and soon we had friendly questions. Also saw an Amish couple shopping for baby stuff – you get a real slice of life at Walmart!

Reached Chicago in rush hour and went straight past the Sears tower – wow! Finally found the motel after circling the airport 3 times but am surprised how this has not stressed me out yet. Driving in the centre of town I think would do it but one thing at a time! Expolring tomorrow and no driving – yeah!!

The Open Road At Last

Thursday, September 20th, 2007

September 18th: 

Woke up to yet another glorious day of sunshine. Leisurely start as we had to go and pick up the car from Buffalo Airport. Nobody had a great night’s sleep, I was worried about driving the car and Josh was on mouse watch. We discovered a little visitor in the room and while it didn’t bother Ophelie and I, Josh was a bit freaked out by it! 

At the car rental counter the lady behind the desk said we should look at upgrading as the car was very small for 3 of us and for such a long trip but she has obviously never seen us in the Metro – complete with Ikea dining room table and chairs! It’s the size of a Sierra so not bad. Getting out on the road was great. Listening to the radio where songs twang about a-huggin and a-kissin and an undying love for Jesus really make us feel like we are here. Josh begs to turn it off but the alternative bickering in the back is just not enough reason – oh and are we there yet??? I must just remember – steering wheel in the middle of the road and we were off.  Stopped in Eerie and although the houses were nice there wasn’t really much else going on so we pressed on to Cleveland. We arrived just in time to see The Rock n Roll Hall of Fame.

 Cleveland Rocks  Guitar

The photos are of huge guitars that are all outside. It was a cool place with an exhibition on The Clash that had the original handwritten lyrics to London’s Calling, John Lennon’s Sgt Pepper’s jacket and weird stuff like letters The Damned wrote to The Ramones from 11a Burchington St, London NW8 – so bizarre! Loads of stuff to see but the only thing O was impressed with was anything to do with The Rolling Stones. Yep she’s a real fan – when I showed her Keith Richards’ guitar – she goes “Who’s Keith Richards” and didn’t click until I explained he was Johnny Depp’s dad in Pirates! I made sure she realised she was in the lap of the Gods when we passed Jimi Hendricks lyrics, outfits and guitars.  We are staying at a Super 8 at Westlakes – just outside of Cleveland. Found a great deli to eat in Rocky River. It was a v posh suburb with fab houses. We even passed the High School where the marching band were practising, wraparound tubas and everything– onto Chicago tomorrow! Check out the photo albums at I think you might have to register but just look for 3goglobal.




Niagara Falls

Monday, September 17th, 2007
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The Big Apple – 2

Thursday, September 13th, 2007
   Battery Park MemorialOriginally uploaded by roupiesontour
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The Big Apple

Wednesday, September 12th, 2007

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Leaving On A Jet Plane……………

Wednesday, September 12th, 2007
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