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The Grand Plan

Where are we planning to go?

Please check out the map – zoom in and out as you wish.
The Planned Trip

The general route is:
Sep 07 New York, Niagara, Mt Rushmore, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon
Oct 07 San Francisco, Los Angeles, Hawaii
Nov 07 Costa Rica, Mexico
Dec 07 Mexico, Peru, Easter Island, Tahiti, Sydney (New Year’s Eve)
Jan 08 New Zealand
Feb 08 Australia
Mar 08 Indonesia -Bali, Borneo and Komodo
Apr 08 Thailand
May 08 Cambodia and Vietnam

And then back to Old Blighty…………

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3 responses to “The Grand Plan”

  1. Diane May says:

    Hi, Have just caught up with your blog and the activities – sounds like you are having an amazing time. So good to be able to see what you have been up to and to look at the photos – that way I wont forget what you look like by the time you get back. Love to the kids and take care, keep having lots of fun. If you ever need anything just let me know – Love Diane, Sean and Kayleigh

  2. homeschool says:

    I guess I have the same thoughts as you but I am only traveling with one teenager and for 23 months. I will be around you are in April2008. Let’s keep in touch…Mom and daughter

  3. homeschool says:

    I meant to say 3 months…typo

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