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Who Are We?

This is a very old photo of the kids – how young and sweet they looked on O’s first day of “big” school!We are 3 Brits who one day put a big map on the floor over the weekend and put stickers on the places we wanted to see. This decision to see the World was taken quite quickly. 6 weeks after we had really decided to go and the tickets are already purchased! The hardest bit was making the decision to go.

The 3 of us live in Bedford, about an hour north of London. It’s a nice small town with a pretty river, popular (though not v successful) Rugby team and a mix of cultures -Italian, Polish and Asian mean that our temples are exotic and World Cup time is never quiet! I love it and will really miss the walks round the Marina putting the world to rights.  The beating drums are loud in my head however and the time has come to show the World to the kids.

I work for a large Logistics company as an Analyst. Looking at spreadsheets and designing reports provides our daily bread and yes I have to say that although the people I work with are great it is just as boring as it sounds! I will miss the office laughs but not the politics. I am nervous about giving it all up and finding a job on my return but sometimes you just have to take that leap!

I am a Forces Brat so travel is in my blood and have lived in France, Germany, Kuwait and Switzerland. The kids have been to France and Florida, this is probably the reason my daughter has visions of taking a wheeled suitcase and straighteners! I hope to give them the travel bug, to open their eyes to new experiences and cultures and to lose their dependence on gameboys, PS2 and MSN for entertainment! I do keep thinking “how mad am I?” to be with 2 teenagers day in and out for 9 months but I still have the “idealised” view that we shall all get on all the time, every site will be fascinating to them and there is no such thing as hormones. Like I said – idealised! I will say that I have practised the “face boverred?” look many times in preparation. Yeah – whatever!!!

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  1. ian says:


    We are ourselves planning to follow in your footsteps (well slightly different route, but same idea) from next summer- Cape Town to Rio the long way.

    We are heavily immersed in planning and are finding your blog a great source of inspiration and information. Sounds like you are having a wonderful time.

    We wondered if we could bother you with one question? We have just bought our rtw tickets (no going back now!) and realised that we had better get travel insurance in place. Can we ask, who did you insure with?

    Keep on enjoying your travels

    kind regards
    The Pilbeams

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