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We are falling way behind on keeping up with our blog. I guess too much fun and not enough down time to sit at the computer. In short, the last 3 weeks have taken us from Iceland to London for 4 days and then to Ireland for two weeks. We had a great time in London wondering the many streets and neighborhoods. We kind of rushed through the main tourist spots i.e. Big Ben, Tower of London, etc. Christy and I have realized that were not too into the sights where there are hordes of tourists. London was also Christy’s first experience with staying in a European hostel. Since London is soooooo expensive for Americans, we found that there were lots of adults staying in the hostel, which 10 years ago when i was here, you never saw that.

We had our most fun in London just walking and getting lost in the city. we wound up finding canals, parks and cool little pubs away from the tourist circuit. We loved the Camden marketplace where we walked through the crazy alley-ways selling everything under the sun. We also found an amazing food market where all the locals went for lunch. Amazing food. We gorged on a dish that was a big baked potato smothered with a cheese that they melt under a hot metal slab and then pour it on top of the potato. Very healthy quisuine. We cant figure out how the Brits stay so skinny when they drink beer like fish and eat fatty food. Maybe it has to do with all that walking. Our favorite pub which we think was called Ye Old Chesire Cheese, or something like that. All we knew was that it was built in the 1600’s and had all these rooms that made the building look like a dungeon or an old prison. We went on a Friday afternoon and it was packed with Londerners getting their drink on after work. We found a little table in an area that pretty much looked like a cave of the pub. We hung out with a great couple from Colombia who were on exchange in London. The girl had one too many ales and kept calling Christy “whisky”, I think she thought that was her name. They shared stories with us about Columbia which were very intersting.

Ok, well that’s London in a nutshell, we’ll have to update Ireland another time which we absolutely loved and got really lucky with the weather… only rained a couple of days and just for a few hours at that. The luck of the Irish I tell ya. Another question we have pondered since being in Ireland is how is their economy doing so well when they spend the majority of their waking hours in a pub drinking Guiness? Do they know something we Americans don’t?

Hope everyone is doing great and enjoying the fall weather wherever you are!


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