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Stop. Breathe.

Okay. I’ve decided that I’m not going to do anything else until I spend some time decompressing here. The point of having this blog during the pre-trip phase is to chronicle what happens in the months leading up to the big adventure. But it’s been quite the challenge to find time to actually write about any of it. I’ve started four posts in the past week that sit sadly as drafts, ignored and soon to be deleted. But not this one…it is time to take a breather and check in.

So where to start?

Summary: Life is good. Life is full. Life is fun.

Sure, there are concerns, worries, responsibilities and crucial steps to be taken. Everyday. I’m dizzy just thinking about it all. But I’m tackling everything as best I can, while trying to enjoy the whole experience of transitioning lifestyles. I’ve had fairly good success navigating the roadblocks and curveballs that have come my way so far, and will continue to just do my best. It’s all part of this wild ride…



The rest of my week in NY was great — a fun day with dad, dinner with good pals in Pearl River (SB, TT & JG), a much needed heart to heart w/mom, the super successful tag sale, a bit more late-night fun in NYC, plus the chance to meet a group of talented bloggers, entrepreneurs and executives. The Saturday night/Sunday WINstock retreat was an excellent opportunity I’m glad to have had. The Korean BBQ and karaoke that came with it was quite the experience. (Scroll down to find a few photos of me with my fellow Weblogs Inc. bloggers.)


I returned to Charm City Sunday night via Greyhound, had a nice Cafe Hon Bar happy hour with colleagues on Monday night, and have been hard at work juggling writing, trip planning and packing since then. I just finished boxing up my personal book collection. It’s funny how even just the act of moving a particular book from a dusty shelf to a cardboard box can bring back such a flood of memories. Just glancing at the bindings or titles of books as I packed them was like a mini “This is your life” segment. Books I’ve never even read still hold so much meaning, because of who gave them to me, or at what particular time in my life I purchased them.

There will be many more “This is your life” moments for me the next few weeks as I continue to comb through piles and boxes of stuff. I’m afraid there will still be a substantial amount that I am unable to part with — but it will be mostly books, letters, photos, journals and my scrapbooks. There are very few material items left, besides the odd trinket, vase or paperweight given by someone special. My most valued possessions are mementos and memories, pages and photos, which unfortunately still take up quite a bit of space.


Stay tuned for news about where I’m headed next, and what I’ve been up to with work.

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