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Placemarkers: October 22

Sunday, October 22nd, 2006

Summit, NJ:
Travelers Between Cultures showcases a remarkable global phenomenon in the world of contemporary art: works by artists as travelers between Chinese and American (New York) cultures. At the Visual Arts Center of NJ, through November 26.

Redwood City, CA:
A mega business deal puts Denny’s on the map.

Interstate 10, Texas:
Going 80 from Sierra Blanca to Ft. Hancock

New York, Boston, Hartford:
Cities in Transition

From New York Magazine:
The Get-Me-Out-of-Here Winter Planner

Travel-themed gifts: Vintage Atlas Map Envelopes and Thrush Thrush Passport Case

Placemarkers: October 15

Sunday, October 15th, 2006

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil:
Christ the Redeemer, visited by over 300,000 tourists each year, has been declared a Catholic sanctuary on its 75th birthday: “The Archdiocese of Rio de Janeiro says it wants to reclaim what it calls the sacred sense of the monument. This means couples will now be able to marry in a small chapel at the foot of the towering structure.”

Voldrop, The Netherlands:
Home to Maharishi Mahesh’s capital of his Global Country of World Peace. The yogi is also convinced that every country’s capital is wrongly located. In India and America, his organization has bought land near what it calls each country’s “brahmastan” — or the geographical and energy center. The future capital of the United States would be Smith Center, Kansas, population 1,931. (from Outer Peace)

Sicily, Italy:
Plans to build the longest single-span suspension bridge in the world over the Messina Straits have been dropped.

Walworth County, Wisconsin:
Olympic sailing, equestrian, and bicycling events in 2016?

Music with a Message: The Ivory Coast’s Alpha Blondy, Sicily’s Carmen Consoli and Yogonostalgia anthems.

Placemarkers: October 8

Sunday, October 8th, 2006

From Whereabouts Press: Japan, A Traveler’s Literary Companion. Hear an interview with editor Jeffrey Angles on NPR.

Possible tours of nuclear plants

Slovenia: Honeymoon in Triglav, the 1970’s travelogue Life in Europe Today and Know your Tolars from The Glory of Carniola.

Paris, France:
Plans are underway to create the Louis Vuitton Foundation for Creation. The Frank Gehry designed building is on target for completion by 2010.

Elciego, Spain:
Another Gehry creation, the Rioja City of Wine opened last month at the Marques de Riscal winery, located only an hour from south of Bilbao.

Barcelona, Spain:
Artistic tests for human statues on Las Ramblas

Brindisi, Italy:
The hijaked Turkish Air jet had four Miss Globe International 2006 contestants aboard: Miss India, Miss Singapore, Miss Malaysia and Miss Philippines. The contest took place in Albania on October 1. The winner was Miss Venezuela.

Random Celebrity Roundup:
Madonna in Malawi and Angelina in India, not Pakistan

Placemarkers: October 1

Sunday, October 1st, 2006

Paris, France:
Toni Morrison will serve as guest curator at the Louvre for three weeks beginning in November. The Foreigner’s Home explores how artists confront identity and belonging. Morrison explains it as, “…an idea I’ve been working with about how American writers have encountered and confronted and imagined the other, or imagined who was the foreigner — a particularly interesting query because the Americans themselves were foreigners historically in this country.” More info here and here.

Tuxedo, New York:
Sterling Forest State Park has a fantastic welcome center and a nice variety of events on tap for October. If you’d rather do a hike on your own, the visitor’s center has maps and an interactive model of moderate and difficult trails. I suggest the 4.2 mile Sterling Lake Loop as a nice introduction to the park. It’s a good way to get your barings. One note of caution: hunting season begins soon, so be sure to check with park rangers about trail rules and wear your blaze orange!

Baltimore, Maryland:
Another reason to miss my second home. The Baltimore Museum of Art now boasts free admission all year long. Other museums are free for October and November as part of Freefall Baltimore.

China, Italy, Brazil, Australia:
These are the days I wish I had cable. Discovery Atlas began this evening on The Discovery Channel — did anyone see it? I learned about it at the movies the other day, the preview was spectacular. Each Sunday night in October a different country will be “revealed”. I’ll check out the online videos this week so I can at least get a glimpse of what the series is about.

Placemarkers: A New Way to Travel

Sunday, October 1st, 2006

I’m going to try out something new here and see how it goes. I won’t be doing any long-term travel for awhile but I still enjoy having this blog and want to keep it going even though most of my writing (besides Written Road) is being done offline. My curiosity in topics like the concept of home, bookstore tourism and volunteer vacations will continue to thrive whether I’m traveling or not, so I’ve decided to start Placemarkers — a weekly collection of links to interesting tidbits from places around the world, either far away or in my very own backyard.