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Looking for Lost in Place?

Thursday, August 16th, 2007

Thanks for stopping by. This version of Lost in Place was active in 2006, when I backpacked around Europe for several months.

But just like my world-wide travels, my websites keep moving around as well, and can’t seem to stay in one place for very long!

The most current version of the Lost in Place website can be found here. Please stop by for a visit.


Kelly Amabile

Thanksgiving Farewell

Saturday, November 25th, 2006

Lots to be thankful for, as usual. But especially because of the incredible experiences I had this past year. Support from family and friends, and a whole new group of global pals, mostly in Europe, from cities like Budapest, Dubrovnik, Madrid, Faro, Essen, Asti, Florence and Mira. I’m also thankful for a very safe and healthy year.

I’m transitioning into a new phase now, and with transition always comes change. (And with me, that usually means blog changes as well :))

As this post explains, I’m not going to be writing at Written Road anymore, and as my silence here has alluded to, I’m officially signing off on this site as well. Those of you who have been my online buddies since the beginning know that I’ve been a serial on-again/off-again blogger since the summer of 2003. My most recent online creation — the lovely Lost in Place — served its purpose well this past year, keeping me connected to family and friends while traveling. But I’m officially throwing in the towel.

Three years. Three blogs. Time for a serious break.

Will I re-emerge online in yet another format on another blog at another time? Who knows, but I can say for certain that it won’t be for quite some time.

I’ll be in touch with many of you via phone, email and snail mail during the holiday season.

Peace and Happy Days!


World Wide Web

Thursday, September 21st, 2006

My Travels in Europe series over at Written Road is progressing nicely, and it was cool to grab a mention at Gridskipper this week for my European bookstores piece. Larry at Bookstore Tourism gives a nod too.

And one of my photos from Portugal was featured with a new Jeffrey Tayler story over at World Hum today. I haven’t read Tayler’s piece yet but I’m sure it’s a good one.

Thanks everyone!


Monday, December 12th, 2005

I’ve got a huge crush on Jack Black.


Joaquin Phoenix is a hottie getting lots of love these days for his excellent Johnny Cash performance, but Jack Black has him beat, hands down. JB is funny as heck and a little wild. I’ve been known to admire the off-balance ones from time to time, and he surely fits the bill.

I probably won’t run out to see King Kong right away, but it’s definitely time to rent School of Rock and High Fidelity again. This guy cracks me up, and the more laughs for me these days, the better. I truly need my friends, family and the occasional random wacko celebrity to help keep me from getting too serious or stressed during this whole life transition stuff. Sometimes I just have to take a break from all the travel planning to be silly for a bit…and make sure I keep laughing out loud!!

There, I’ve said it. I have a crush on an eccentric rockin’ film star with a fantastic grimace. I feel much better now.

Don’t miss him Saturday night with Neil Young on SNL. I don’t have TIVO, so you know where I’ll be 🙂

Now back to your regularly scheduled travel blog.

Postcards from Portland

Tuesday, December 6th, 2005

Here is a collection of a series of posts I did on Gadling this week about my recent trip to Portland, OR:

1) Getting there: Public Transportation
2) Accomodation: Hawthorne Hostel
3) Exploring the city: Tapas and coffee
4) View from the top: Portland City Grill
5) The last day: Pubs, pizza and PDX