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Placemarkers: October 15

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil:
Christ the Redeemer, visited by over 300,000 tourists each year, has been declared a Catholic sanctuary on its 75th birthday: “The Archdiocese of Rio de Janeiro says it wants to reclaim what it calls the sacred sense of the monument. This means couples will now be able to marry in a small chapel at the foot of the towering structure.”

Voldrop, The Netherlands:
Home to Maharishi Mahesh’s capital of his Global Country of World Peace. The yogi is also convinced that every country’s capital is wrongly located. In India and America, his organization has bought land near what it calls each country’s “brahmastan” — or the geographical and energy center. The future capital of the United States would be Smith Center, Kansas, population 1,931. (from Outer Peace)

Sicily, Italy:
Plans to build the longest single-span suspension bridge in the world over the Messina Straits have been dropped.

Walworth County, Wisconsin:
Olympic sailing, equestrian, and bicycling events in 2016?

Music with a Message: The Ivory Coast’s Alpha Blondy, Sicily’s Carmen Consoli and Yogonostalgia anthems.

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  1. Francesca Says:

    Hmmm… Olympics in Chicago… I’d be scared. Very scared. But Walworth County would be perfect for the events mentioned.

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