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I’ve welcomed the alternative work schedule and casual dress code that my part-time writing gigs allow: PJ’s, sweats, jeans and baseball caps are all my kind of clothing, and can be worn morning, noon or night. So I wind up working at some of the oddest hours in some of the wackiest outfits. But being comfortable has done wonders for my productivity, so all’s well. Here’s a recap of what I’ve been working on ’round the clock:


I feel like I’m getting in a good groove with my writing. I’ve enjoyed developing the “One for the Road” daily book feature and am enthusiastic about creating more features. I’ve also figured out how I can get good travel tips for gear purchases from Gadling readers! In the past few weeks I’ve written about Prague (for our second CityScapes day) and explored the branding business as both Baltimore and Jersey seek new slogans. I’ve also started to include posts with my personal take on this whole transition to budget traveler life ‘o mine. The WIN retreat was a great oppty. to meet folks face to face that I’d only emailed with before. I was also quite impressed by the AOL executives that spoke with us, and was pleased to see one of my posts get mentioned on AOL’s live web the day after the retreat.

Viva Las Vegas:

For the next two months I’ll also be moonlighting in Vegas….at the Viva Las Vegas Blog. I don’t have any trips to Vegas planned during this time, but it will be fun to help write a bit about a city that’s been good to me. I welcome the chance to work more with Jen Leo and the Boots crew — and will get to hang with them shortly in Portland. I’ll be heading out there for a few days beginning December 1.

Written Road:

Books, writing and travel are at the core of what drives me, so I continue to enjoy my role as an occasional contributor on Written Road, which recently got a face lift, including new About and Fave Links pages. I like when I can wonder about writing or share travel publishing tidbits with the roadies.

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