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Simplifying Can Be So Fun!


Here’s Uncle B and I reveling in the joys of slimming down. Even though he kept the pirate hat for next year’s Halloween costume, my straw hat, blue wig and purple boa — plus a boatload of other stuff — did finally disappear during the huge tag sale we had at my parent’s house this past Saturday. We unloaded a ton of stuff between four families — and had a ton of fun doing it.

On the topic of slimming down, here is an interesting opinion piece by Gothamist’s Jake Dobkin about reducing material needs. Jake focuses on NYC, where he lives and works — I think there are unique and special challenges to simplyfing life in such a huge and expensive city, but the spirit of his article is right on — reduce stuff, do what you love, spend your money wisely. It just makes sense, and can make you a happier person too. I’m living proof of that.

To more happy days…

[The hot pink glasses belong to Aunt C — a definite fashion statement but NOT a tag sale item]

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    Hm, could he have been thinking of you?

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