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It’s been three full days without an office job, but I’m still keeping very busy. In fact, I’ve been getting up earlier than I did when I had an office to get to. I love having a flexible schedule and freedom to do my work whenever the time is best for me. And I love feeling productive and passionate about what I am doing.

The NYC excursion was a nice mini-vacation before jumping straight into all my writing and trip planning. The rest of my time in the city was spent catching up with N&P over dinner Monday night at Walker’s in Tribeca, followed by a nightcap at anotheroom. Great places and such an awesome area of the city that I’d love to explore more…

I left Manhattan early Tuesday morning and have been working and writing from my parent’s house ever since. We’ve also been gearing up for the big tag sale this Saturday — I’m helping mom and dad weed through a plethora of stuff that just needs to be unloaded. This is perfect timing, as I’ve got lots of things from grade school and high school just hanging around here that can go, and it will be good to get rid of it all before I bring my Baltimore belongings here to Pearl River.

Today I’m venturing out with Dad, for a belated Father’s Day gift visit to Dia Beacon, about an hour north of here. It should be a great day for a drive through the Hudson Valley — the sun is shining and it’s windy, so the colored leaves will be flying everywhere. I’ll see what I can capture on the camera phone…I really gotta buy that digital camera soon.

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