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Photos: Poland and Czech

Ok, so it’s been a while between photos, but you’re all probably still recovering from that self portrait shot up in the mountains, yeah this one. Nasty, nasty stuff.

So, to get you back in the photo swing, here’s a few from the past few weeks, starting in Poland, and then heading into the Czech Republic.

Mountains. Are you sick of mountains yet? Really? No? Ok then, here’s some more; taken from the summit of Mount Kasprowy Wierch, which we reached via a gondola ride. Thankfully no hiking required this time.view image

Border crossing. Bec crossing the Slovak-Polish border.view image

Clear. This was taken from the end of the gondola ride, and shows the path that led to the summit.view image

Not so clear. This is the exact same view, taken no more than 10 minutes after the first shot.view image

Halt. This is the one and only photo I will post from our visit to Auschwitz.view image

And now, onto the Czech Republic,

The gang. From the left, we have Marr, Gab, Gab’s sister Simone, Penny, and Bec.view image

Fred and Ginger. The Fred and Ginger Dancing Building, that had Marr and I standing mouths agape for over half an hour.view image

Loket Castle. Sort of like a mini Edinburgh castle, in a great little town.view image

The Woods. The smoky forest surrounding Loket, through which we hiked with Gram and Will.view image

The Lads. Gram and Will, chilling out in a meadow during our hike. That’s Gram on the left, hidden behind Will’s smoke.view image

Chill, man. I like the way the boys hike; resting more than you actually walk, just to chill out and talk shit.view image

There’s a couple of other shots on our flickr page, which you can see here.

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