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London: Good for Golfers

Saturday, September 10th, 2005

Our day at the Ashes cricket required at least one full day’s recovery, and so we spent the next day hanging out with Kirk, Jools, Rosie and Anna at a local park, and checking out the original residence of Lord Melbourne, of whom our home city of Melbourne is named after.

After saying our goodbyes (and spotting Jools 80 quid for hergroceries when she forgot her purse. No worries Jools, glad to help out), Bec and I caught a bus to London – another easy three hour trip. Once again we had free accommodation, this time staying with Benny Holmfield, and old school friend of Bec’s who had stayed with us in Edinburgh just a few weeks before. Karma – there’s a lot to be said for karma.

Benny was living in a one bedroom apartment in Shepherds Bush (or She Bu, as Benny called it), essentially an Autralian suburb of London. Of course, this being London, he was sharing this one bedroom apartment with a couple of his mates, Simsy and Chopper (such great Australian nicknames). Two in the bedroom, and one in the lounge room. I wasn’t quite sure where we were going to be sleeping – I had nasty images of curling up in the bath with nothing but a toilet roll for a pillow and a shower curtain for a blanket – but the boys had a couple of futons in the lounge, and the worst we had to put up with was Chopper’s snoring. Good practice for the next six months of hostel living I guess.

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Trent Bridge: The Ashes

Friday, September 9th, 2005

Sunday the 28th of August was going to be a big day for me and Bec. It was a day we had been looking forward to for months. We were going to the Ashes, the battle between Australian and English cricketers for a little urn filled with old dust.

Obtaining tickets to this current Ashes series was almost impossible, particularly once the series started and the teams produced some of the most thrilling cricket seen in years.

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Edinburgh: Pipefest

Friday, August 26th, 2005
Our last weekend in Edinburgh, the middle of the Festival; comedians, music, theatre, we were spoiled for choice of how to celebrate our last few nights. And whilst we were going to see a funny-man on Saturday night, what we ... [Continue reading this entry]