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Nepal: In black and white

Now that I’ve run out of words, I thought maybe you folks who are still checking the site might be interested in seeing some of the photos I took whilst Bec and I were volunteering at the orphanage in Nepal last year, starting with a couple of black and white shots just to get the ball rolling….

If you have read any of the previous entries about our time at the orphanage, you’ll know that the kids were so so so so happy. Despite having nothing, they danced and laughed and joked and played as though they had not a care in the world. But there were always times when each child would be quiet, and thoughtful, and would appear to have deep thoughts running through their minds. But mostly these occurances and these expressions were whilst they were watching tv. Nothing like some tv to keep a roomful of kids quiet.






Nisha (again…)

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5 Responses to “Nepal: In black and white”

  1. David Says:

    Really nice photos, I think you really captured something there. I’ve been trying to figure out how to contact you, by the way (hoping not to sound too odd), to ask you about your travels as I intend to follow similar routes in the coming months. My email address was submitted to leave this reply so hopefully you can see it? David

  2. Dave Says:

    Hi David,

    Glad you liked the photos. You can email me at with any questions you’ve got about any where Bec and I travelled. I’ll be happy to offer any advice I can. Whether that advice is helpful or not is another matter entirely….

  3. Posted from Australia Australia
  4. Soph Says:

    Hey Dave,

    Do you have a daily blog or somesort? I miss your chat 🙁

  5. Michael Drowley Says:

    Hey Hoags… Random thing… I am looking for a brown wedding suit as I’m getting married in May… Anyway, so I typed that in good old Google – the gateway to everything on earth – just like this, “Brown wedding suit”, and who’s ugly mug comes up on the 3rd photo? Yours of course… and I never even knew you and Bec had a blog! I am now a keen very keen follower! Awesome writings and photos.

    Catch up with you guys in 2009… well lets hope so!


  6. Dave Says:

    G’day Micka!

    Mate, that’s too funny about the google photo. Who knew, eh?

    Great choice on a brown suit too mate, it’s definitely the way to go I reckon. As you probably know by now, I got mine made in Vietnam when we were there, so I probably can’t help too much.

    Best of luck for the wedding. Bec and I had an absolute blast at ours, so if you have even half as much fun as we did you’ll be in for a great day.

    We’re catching up with your bro on the weekend too. Sorry to hear about your Grandpa.

    Anyway, stay gold mate. And send me a photo of the suit you end up in!


  7. Posted from Australia Australia

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