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Photos: Loket

Righto, just a couple more from Loket.

The Map. This is the photo of the map that we referred to during our wayward hike. Yeah, that green trail you can see, we weren’t on that.view image

Trees. This is about the only photo I took during the hike. It’s of some trees. But hey, I was hiking through a pine forest, what more do you want?view image

Booger. A few nights before we left Loket, we went to see a local blues band at a small pub. They were pretty good, and played covers of classics like Clapton and Cream, Hendrix, James Brown, and some more loungy stuff like Frank Sinatra. But the band had a rather unfortunate name, as you can see at the top left of this poster. view image

The band. And here they are, belting one out.view image

Well, that’s about it for Loket. Back to work then.

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2 Responses to “Photos: Loket”

  1. Doug from Loket Says:

    Hey Bec n Dave! This is Doug from Loket. I was just lookng through some of your travel photos and thought id drop a line. Hope you are both well where ever you are in the world! Great Loket pics

  2. Posted from Czech Republic Czech Republic
  3. admin Says:

    Hey Doug mate, good to hear from you. Just checked out the hostel website – looking good. How’s the new hostel building coming along?

    I never found out how the Karlovy Vary hockey team went – did they make the playoffs? And we were in Asia for the Winter Olympics, so there was no cheering on the Czech team there either.

    Bec and I are back in Scotland, have only just started working again after 6 months of travel and a couple of months back home in Aus. Man, does it suck. Of course, getting paid again is nice.

    Anyhoo, good luck with the hostel mate, maybe we’ll be back there one day.

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