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Photos: Laos, Last Go

Roight then, here’s a few pics to keep you interested, starting in Vientiane, and working our way down south to Champasak, and onto Don Det.

Go on, eat that. A pic I took during our walk through the huge market where we bought all our food for the cooking class we took. Thankfully, pig wasn’t on the menu.view image

The Vertical Runway. What? As if you wouldn’t build some massive concrete monument with materials donated by the US meant for an airport. Who needs airports anyway? view image

The Concrete Monster. This is the sign that greets visitors when they reach the Vertical Runway. Something lost in the translation, methinks. view image

I Wanna Dance the Night Away. The inside of our overnight bus from Vientiane to Pakse, otherwise known as the Laos Karaoke Disco, On Wheels. Didn’t make for the easiest of nights sleep. view image

To Champasak?. Bec and Duncan, the Kiwi we shared a tuk-tuk with, heading down to the banks of the Mekong at 6am, to catch a barge across to what we thought was Champasak. view image

Sunrise. And this was the view we had from that barge, looking back at the rising sun. view image

Bus Stop. After expecting to get a bus from Champasak to Pakse, we ended up getting piling into the truck you see at the back there with 25 locals. This dropped us 8km out of Pakse at a market in the dirt that passed as a bus-stop, from where we caught the tuk-tuk you see at the front. Bec and I took the front seats next to the driver. Not exactly travelling in luxury. view image

Travel Buddies. These young chaps accompanied us for a short while towards the end of our never-ending day getting a Cambodian visa. Don’t look too happy about it either, do they? view image

That’s not the bus!.Waiting outside our guesthouse in Champasak for the bus, or a truck, or anything that would take us back into Pakse. Looks like that bike going past is probably loaded up enough though. view image

It’s portrait time. Just hangin’ about at some 1000 year old temple ruins. view image

Outta the Way. Just a few of the critters we had to negotiate whilst walking around the island of Don Det. view image

Bloody hell!. And a few more critters on the path. These ones got the better of me though. I don’t know how they all expected to get on my back, but it sure didn’t stop them from trying. view image

Hard Life. Just kickin’ back, watching the sun set on Don Det. view image

Mr. Noi. Leaving Don Det early one morning in a long-boat piloted by our guesthouse owner, Mr Noi, before our monster trip to Phnom Penh. Behind Mr. Noi you can see the bungalows that we stayed in. view image

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