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Photos: Laos, Last Go

Saturday, February 4th, 2006

Roight then, here’s a few pics to keep you interested, starting in Vientiane, and working our way down south to Champasak, and onto Don Det.

Go on, eat that. A pic I took during our walk through the huge market where we bought all our food for the cooking class we took. Thankfully, pig wasn’t on the menu.view image

The Vertical Runway. What? As if you wouldn’t build some massive concrete monument with materials donated by the US meant for an airport. Who needs airports anyway? view image

The Concrete Monster. This is the sign that greets visitors when they reach the Vertical Runway. Something lost in the translation, methinks. view image

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Don Det: Wayside/Back in Time

Wednesday, February 1st, 2006

Si Phan Don; The Four Thousand Islands. It is an area at the very southern tip of Laos where the Mekong river stretches to immense proportions, resulting in innumerable islands and sand bars; the number of which varies depending on the water level (it is said the river can be as wide as 14km during the wet season).

Choosing one of these islands was easy. Don Det was described as something along the lines of “no electricity, no tv’s, no worries”, a place where bungalows reached out over the water, with hammocks swinging on their verandahs.

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