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Photos: Laos, First Go

And now, onto the country with everyone’s favourite folk tale, Laos! Woo Hoo!

Hmmm, left or right. Our choice of slow boats for our two day trip from Chiang Khong to Luang Prabang; the empty one on the right or the full one on the left. We of course got the full one. view image

Like cattle. The view down the boat from our seats up the back. view image

Splendid view, that. Oh, and the mountains in the background aren’t bad either. view image

Get Off. Once we got to Pak Beng, it was a mad scramble up the rocky, sandy slope to non-boat heaven. view image

Hey Kiddo. A cheeky little kid who entertained us as we waited for an hour and a half on the boat at Pak Beng before finally leaving at 9.30am. view image

Here, fishy fishy fishy. One of the local fishermen we passed on day 2. view image

And whoa, what about that super place, Luang Prabang!

Money. Get a load of that wad of cash. I’m like a Price is Right girl, just not sexy. And not female either. Hang on, Bec’s just told me there were male models on The Price is Right. Don’t know about you blokes, but I don’t remember seeing any males. view image

Bec and friends. Chatting to the young novice monks at a small temple in Luang Prabang. view image

Cheeky. We chatted to one of the lads for about an hour. Cheeky little bugger he was, too. view image

Happy Birthday to Me!. On the banks of the Mighty Mekong (well, actually it’s not the Mekong, but you aren’t to know that are you?) with beers / Getting old is the least of my fears. view image

And cake to boot. Courtesy of our mate at some restaurant/bar I can’t remember the name of. view image

Bloody hell, four new entries in two days. It’s like it’s your birthday.

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