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Wednesday June 13th Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Today was a free day as all of our time in HCMC would be.  I had decided not to go to the CuChi tunnels and go off on my own.  As anyone who had read any of my blog entries before my tour started I love being off on my own.  This will probably be my last tour, minus Africa, if it happens in the next few years.  There were several attractions and buildings I wanted to see; Xa Li Pagoda, War Museum, Reunification Palace, Post Office, Notre Dame Cathedral, City Hall, the famous Rex Hotel and other sites.

After trying to get my stomach well enough so that I wouldn’t have to try and find a decent toliet every 10 minutes I had some included free breakfast ( 4 pieces of toast, I was staying safe) and was off.  this would start an extremely interesting day for me and one of the best I have had on this tour and in SEA.  It wasnt one particular thing just the combination of everything that I did and was able to experience.  I decided to take a cyclo to the farthest place first and just walk from there.  After being flooded with motorbikes and cyclos I finally found one I would give some business too.  He took me to the Xa Li Pagoda which was a nice ride away for pretty cheap.  The time was roughly 1130 when we got there and low and behold it was closed!  The bastard had lied to me telling me it was still opened and g-d knows why I would even listen to him in the first place.  Had i learned nothing from Bangkok during that day with Rickke?  I guess not.  This would be a common theme of my morning which made it all the more interesting.

Ok well I am going to go for now, leave you with a little bit of a cliff hanger.  I have to start my day, but will be back to update the next few days for everyone.

Hope all is well.





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