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May 26th Mumbai to Delhi India

Today I am off to Delhi.  I will be taking the best train to Delhi which will take approximately 16 hours.  I am in second class AC which is the second best class.  I did not want to take first class because I wanted to be more social.  I will either have a lower or upper bed and I am just thankful that it will be full A/C.  Oh how I miss air conditioning.  I am always sweating, it just feels like a layer of sweat 24/7 all over my body, so gross.

 The only bad thing is that right now it is 12pm and my train leaves at 4 and I still do not have a confirmed seat.  Basically in the next few hours if 2 people or 3 don’t cancel out then I will have to share a bed with someone!  I will be so pissed and will refuse to do so.  I will complain like a loud, obnoxious american until I get my way.  Sometimes you just have to pull out that card.  I mean how ridiculous is that they let you make the booking, I thought they said it would be confirmed and then find out that you can board the train but that they allot two people per seat!  Anyway, before I head off to the station at around 2pm, since it will take 1 hour to get there I want to leave enough time just in case something happens.  I still need to get some snacks and drinks.  Apparently everyone at the apartment said that there is unlimited soft drinks and food with the purchase of the ticket!  I hope the drinks part is true as that would be very nice.  I am excited for this train ride, especially since everyone seems to say it is a very good train.

Sorry for the late updates to my friends and family who are reading this somewhat daily.  I have had trouble logging in to the site that I blog from so I have been writing my updates in my email and having to copy and paste them in when I can.  I will not be updating until I arrive in Delhi on the 27th but have made three posts today to catch everyone up.

I know it hasn’t sounded so eventful but this place is so hard to describe in words.  I mean I have only taken a few hundred photos but I stopped walking around with my camera because it was attracting attention and I also really wanted to immerse myself in the culture and I think I have.  I have learned some basic words and have used them successfully, and I feel that it is degrading to take pictures of poor people and the garbage and the hundreds of people I see sleeping on the streets, literally.  I mean Rahul’s brother made a comment about me taking a photo to show my friends back home the poor indians and that really made me feel bad.  I wasn’t trying to do that, but I was trying to capture the country in its element.  Anyway, I stopped taking so many photos but have taken enough to show people what Mumbai has to offer, the good and the bad.  So goodbye for now, and see you all in Delhi!



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