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May 23rd, 2008 continued – Mumbai, India

Well after I left the internet cafe, I got a rickshaw back to the apartment.  When I got back Rahul had informed me that his parents were coming to stay with him for a few days.  This meant space would be tight.  There would be six of us now in the small 500 square foot, one bedroom apartment.  I still had a place to sleep so I wasn’t bothered by it and was actually excited to have a chance to meet his parents.  Basically for the rest of the day we waited for his parents to arrive.  They were traveling by train from eastern india and it took them more than 30 hours to get to Bombay!

We ended up watching lots of cricket, I am really in to cricket now.  I know most of the rules for 20/20 and 50/50 but still have to learn about test cricket.  I think it is just the same but it goes for 5 days and there is no limit on overs like there is in one day cricket.  The IPL or Indian Premiership League for Cricket uses the 20/20 format.  This means that each team gets 120 balls thrown to them by the opposing team and whoever has the most runs accumulated wins.

Once his parents arrived, we all greeted each other, they unpacked and relaxed.  We began to chat to get to know one another and at around 11pm we ordered dinner.  Indians eat dinner really late.  It is almost absurd how late they eat.  Getting the chance to live with Rahul and his parents and the other guys has been really special.  Sure anyone can stay at a hostel, but I am so glad that I met him on couchsurfing and will definitely use the website again to hopefully have more rewarding experiences like this one.


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