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June 4th – Shimla, India

Today it rained virtually the whole day.  Since I had a lot of reading to do, I had to get to work after class, put some time in and hope it cleared up.  After lunch I headed off to the internet cafe and even before I got to the coffee shop to study I had several bags of goodies with me.  I first stopped at the local refugee tibetean shop.  There I bought some shirts supporting the freedom of tibet from china, a tibetean flag and a cool silver ring that has a rotating ring in the center.

After that shop I went to a shoe store after the internet cafe, and picked up two pair of Batas which is a local shoe company that makes really cool leather sandals.  I also managed to get another bracelet to go on my ankle.  I decided to take the others off as they really weren’t that comfortable.  After studying on the way back from the coffee shop I managed to buy two local shirts that go with pajama pants.  It is a type of indian men’s wear, really loose and comfortable that I will probably wear in Abu Dhabi, when it is like 125 degrees in that desert.

After all that shopping I went back to the hotel, showed Sarah what I had bought, ate dinner and stayed up late doing my reading.  I have not fell behind yet and have pretty much done my work throughout the first week of class.  Oh I also played some really intense ping pong with one of my professors, an indian student arrindum who plays with me quite often and a girl named Angela who is an american student part of the program.  Then we had dinner, and a pre dinner drink and then I got down to studying.

Not a very exciting day, but this was basically the first day I did any type of substantial shopping and Mom it felt great!


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