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June 23rd 2008 – Dharamasala, India

Today was monday and the weekend was over and I woke up feeling like crap. The night before I went to sleep with a feeling in my throat that I could not swallow, this meant that I might be getting sick. So I woke up with this same feeling in my throat, my head and body ached. I rolled out of bed for my first class, which is the tibetan buddhism law and philosophy class. I would have skipped them but I couldn’t afford to miss the notes from it and since I know nothing about this subject, I had to go. After class, I said thats enough and went upstairs and laid in bed missing my final two classes for the day. Neither of the classes would be on those final exams, so I could afford to miss them. I ended up sleeping until about 1pm when Cait came in the room. At this point I took some daytime medicine to help with the sickness. Sarah also came in earlier and force fed me all these herbal and holistic medicinal crap that tasted terrible. Later on I made my way downstairs, looking like crap but regardless Sarah wanted to go in to town and get some food. It didn’t look like it would start raining but as we made our way to lunch it started pouring. Of course I didn’t have a raincoat or umbrella, so now I was sick and getting rained on. We ran in to a restaurant called Ashoka where Sarah, Arrindum and I went to a few days earlier. I got a pot of chai tea and a bowl of banana porridge. It was good, we sat, chatted and then read for class. After a few hours we left and made our made to the internet cafe. We went to my favorite internet cafe, and spent about 2 hours hanging out there. After the internet cafe Sarah said she wanted me to meet this guy who she met at a shop near our hotel who said he would take her up to this place in the Himalayas called Ladak. We went to his shop and then he said he was going home for the night so we walked with him back to his house at the bottom of Mcleod Ganj. On the way I happen to stumble across the bakery that Ben took me too last week. I got some rough muffins and scarfed them down on the way down to John’s apartment. We spent about an hour or more at John’s apartment. He made us special Kasmirie tea that you can’t buy, which we enjoyed and Sarah and I asked him several questions regarding her potential trip. After a while said thanks and goodbye, and by this time it was dark out, and since there were no lights. It was steep up a hill but sarah and I managed and made our way. By the time I got back to the hotel, my daytime cold medicine had worn off and I felt like crap again. I sat with Sarah as she ate dinner and then after dinner did some reading, took two benedryl and tried to get to sleep


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