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July 8th, 2008 – Cape Town, South Africa

Today is officially my last full day in Cape Town, South Africa.  The night before I had to switch rooms since a large group of Americans were coming to invade on our peaceful hostel.  Sophia and I moved in to room 2 which is normally a double private room made for 2.  Tonight it would be a room for 6.  One double bed, and two sets of bunk beds.  It is really tight and I feel bad for the people who will be probably woken up by me at 7am to leave for my overland trip.  Anyway Sophia woke up at 830am and I happen to wake up as well.  I am a real light sleeper in the mornings so it was no surprise I was woken up.  Basically I did nothing until 2pm when Rusty, Helen, Helen’s friend Helen and along with Stephen and Juliana the German couple ironically on my overland trip as well walked down to the Marina to head to the mall.  Table mountain was closed yet again, as was Robben Island making it a solid week straight of being closed.  According to locals I have endured the worst weather in ten years Cape Town has seen! Yay!  So we got to the mall and Stephen and Juliana decided to head to the aquarium, but the rest of us wanted some food.  I got mashed potato’s from KFC then some frozen yogurt hmmmm.

After food we all walked around the mall.  I ended up buying two really cool shirts, one from billabong that says “billabong Capetown” and the other from Element that says “cape town, south africa element.”  I also bought a really sweet pair of flip flops from a company called Kustom.  I had a pair of those when I went to Australia, but they wore down to nothing several years later and my feet were never blessed with those luscious soles again until now.  Rusty and I initially wanted to see a movie, but the times and what were playing did not work out, so we bid adieu to Helen and Helen and took a taxi to Long Street to check it out.  We walked up it a bit in to a surf shop with a heavy discount on a large selection of their inventory but I didn’t buy anything.  We then stopped and both got nice haircuts.  I am quite pleased with mine and it was not that much money and the lady who cut it was nice.  We then went in to another surf shop where I bought Haviana’s that are green and say “South Africa” down them.  Next to a brand called “Rainbow’s”, this brand Haviana is my second favorite flip flop to wear.  I also had bought a pair from Australia, but in college when we stormed the basketball court after beating UCONN my senior year, I lost them in the mess of it all.

After the surf shop Rusty and I grabbed a pint of Peroni at the Dubliner where a bunch of us went several nights ago.  After the pint we grabbed a taxi back to the hotel.  I hung out for a bit, had a few hard cider’s, cooked my leftover lamb chops and mushrooms.  This time I used worcestershire sauce instead of the balsamic and it was quite good, but I think I used just a little bit too much garlic.  After dinner I played one game of pool, took a quick power nap, because I didn’t want to go to sleep at 930pm and have just bummed around the hostel enjoying my final night here.  Very rarely in my travels over the past 5 years have I spent this much time in place and one hostel.  I enjoyed it, and got a chance to meet people for more than one night and really bond and connect with them.  Now I have more people to stay with and meet again in the future.

Tomorrow I have to get up bright and early at 7am, make sure everything is packed up, that I haven’t left anything behind and take a cab with Stephen and Juliana to the departure point for the second time in 4 days.  This time I will be leaving for sure don’t you worry!


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