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July 4th – Cape Town, South Africa

I woke up bright and early at 815am because I really had to go to the bathroom and I had to find out when my tour to the famous Robben Island was.  Since I couldn’t find any of my important papers I had to wake up and call them.  After it rang for a while, they told me that my booking was for tomorrow.  So now I was up at 815am, with nothing much to do and I just got out of my really comfortable hostel bed.  I had a lower bunk, which I prefer and the beds and the comforter were nice and soft.  I then updated my blog, had breakfast and chatted with a girl from holland named Renatta.  After breakfast and chatting Rusty and I ventured off to see some of the city.  We walked about ten minutes to the waterfront.  It was raining and cold but I managed to snap a few photos and then we ran in to the huge mall.  We walked around and found an Italian place to eat.  It was quite good I had gnocchi which is slowly becoming my favorite italian dish.  The restaurant was nice and the waiters were really friendly, actually they were over friendly in a scary way.  I don’t think I have ever experienced such friendly wait staff in my life.  After lunch, Rusty and I decided to see a movie.  We bought tickets for the 230pm show to see Hancock, the new Will Smith blockbuster film.  To kill time we walked around the mall and hit up a few shops.  I was debating whether or not to buy this really nice South African Rugby shirt but I didn’t.  I actually might regret not buying it.  I mean they won the world cup in Rugby which is huge but nobody in America really cares and knows about it.

The movie was decent.  I enjoy big action blockbuster movies and Will Smith is the man.  After the movie I tried to find our way out of the mall and after 15 minutes we ended up back at the movie theater!  I had taken us in a circle.  Before I led us on this journey I warned him that my sense of direction was terrible.  After I failed in the attempt to get us out of the mall he took over and we eventually found our way out and back to the hostel.  When we got back to the hostel we wanted to see what people were doing.  Since Dana, Renatta, Sophia, Rusty and I decided to do the famous Stollenbosch wine tour tomorrow, we all thought that we should stay in and not have a big night.  I was perfectly fine with that.  The rest of the night we played pool, and hung out in the bar with some light drinking.  I went to bed again quite early because either way I had to get up early tomorrow.  Either was going to Robben Island (which I highly doubted because of the wind and weather), or at 915am I was going on the wine tour with the gang.  Inside I hoped that the Robben Island tours would be canceled and that I could do the wine tour instead.


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