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July 23rd, 2008 – Maun, Botswana to Okavango Delta, Botswana

I forgot to write in yesterday’s entry that I also signed up, along with 14 others to take a scenic flight over the Delta on the day we come out of the delta in three days time. It was pricey but I think it will be worth it.

This morning I woke up hurting. I was clearly hung over, and really did not feel well. It was hard getting the tent down and packing my stuff up to put on the truck. I needed a hug from my German mother Gaby who has a son a year younger than me and some more TLC from other members of the group. To get to the Delta we would have to take a 4X4 fitten for off-roading and bad roads. All of our stuff went underneath the seats then we had to put our feet up on the sides of the truck. The truck was open-aired and it was cold. I was wearing my heavy jacket and wool hat. The wind was whipping through the truck and thank g-d I had my tab soda as I needed it. The ride in the open aired truck took almost 3 hours! We had to go on regular roads, deep sanded roads and crossed two rivers. Cars in water is like my biggest fear, second to being locked in a small space. I always have dreams of me driving in to water, hence why I hate draw bridges. Anyway after the truck ride we got to the river where we would have to take mocorro’s down the delta to our campsite. Sarah and I got in to a Mocorro, but before we did it was chaos. 5 trucks filled with travellers needing mocorro’s to their campsite. Polers with 20 foot poles walking around, it was nuts. I took some photos and used the bush toliet and then we got in to the mocorro with all of our stuff and headed down the delta with our poler KC. The boats were really narrow, but long and when we were riding down the delta we were so close to the water it was crazy. I thought we were going to sink like several times. The ride was great though, I rolled up my sleeves, laid back and just enjoyed the ride which took about 1.5 hours. Once we got to our campsite, we unloaded the boats, set up our tents and then I took my mattress from my tent, laid it down on the ground and took a nap. We were all tired and the nap was much needed, it was also a great time to catch some color from the warm African sun.

At 300pm it was time to take our first walk through the bush.  It was six of us and I stupidly walked in flip flops might as well have gone barefoot.  I got cut up a lot, and saw a ton of animals including a herd of Zebras that ran right past us.  The walk was only two hours just in time for sunset and it was a great experience in walking in the wild seeing animals live in their natural habitat.  When I got back I had dinner, chilled out and went to sleep early.


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